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  • Contributor Name: Martin McClellan
  • Contributor Role: Web pioneer
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    Martin McClellan

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    Martin works as a web designer and writer

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    Martin works as a web designer and writer. After discovering Tom Phillips's work following his exhibit at the Yale Center for British Art in 1993, Martin McClellan wrote a letter to Phillips asking after the availability of Humument and Dante's Inferno prints. A purchase or two, and many correspondences with Phillips's studio later, McClellan proposed creating a website to showcase Phillips's work. That proposal, refined and given shape by Phillips and Lucy Shortis, became A Humument Homepage, launched in 1995, one of the first artist websites on the internet.

    McClellan is a senior UX designer for, and a novelist. His first, California Four O'Clock, was successfully funded by Kickstarter in March of 2015. He lives in Seattle with his wife Christine Larsen, an illustrator, and son Lionel. He can be found at