Tableaux Whispers Echoes

Tableaux Whispers Echoes

Publication Date: November 2007
Publisher: Picture-Box Media Limited
Hardcover: 80 pages
ISBN-10: 0955715709
ISBN-13: 978-0955715709

A unique collaboration between three eminent British artists and features beautiful salt print studies by Bruce Rae, interpretive poetry by Terry Jones and allusive illustration by Tom Phillips RA. This handsome volume is printed, case-bound and embossed in Italy on the finest heavyweight art paper and presented in an illustrated protective slipcase.

Tableaux Whispers Echoes was published in an edition of just 900 copies in November 2007. Each copy is individually numbered and signed by the three artists. Of the edition, 30 copies - numbered 01-30 - are being offered as a Collector's Edition, each hand-bound in leather and accompanied by one of three numbered salt prints, each in an edition of 10, hand-coated and printed on fine watercolour paper and signed by Bruce Rae. Thanks to the nature of this earliest of photographic processes each print is unique in colour and tone and archivally permanent.

Tom Phillips writes 'How a third person was caught up in the strange web of these pictures needs some explaining. Late in 2002 I was consulted by Bruce Ray and Terry Jones about the design of a book. We looked together at Bruce's images in all the refinement of their photographic printing. Terry gave me rough printouts of the pictures plus his accompanying poems to take away. As I studied them at odd moments they seemed, in combination, to induce tiny trances where the images and text merged and set up a secondary echo. It was as if Terry had prised open a drawer of secrets from each picture. Reading his whispered story made me want to set down my responses joining hints of Bruce's imagery to fragments of Terry's commentary. I carried the bundle of sheets with me on various trips to places as diverse as Petra, Venice, Vienna and, appropriately, Shandy Hall. It was the ideal workaholic's holiday companion though some of the pieces were of course done in my studio in Peckham.

After a year or so I presented these eccentric glosses to what was an already eccentric dialogue to Terry and Bruce. We all agreed, after a glass or two of good wine, that the quiet resonances set up between our three contributions were mutually enriching enough to murmur contentedly together between the covers of a book.'