Canto XXVIII/3: Schism & Skin Game

canto 28 3

Canto XXVIII/3: Schism & Skin Game 

Silkscreen page proof approved by the artist and signed / initialled by him, taken from the original Talford Press edition of 185, printed on 100% rag, acid-free Inveresk (Somerset) paper


page size 39.5 x 31 cm


1979 – 1983


This image is compact of all kinds of division which were refererred to in the artist's previous work. The Berlin Wall, here standing for the divided city, is shown in parallel with a dissected version of Florence in the upper panel. The surrounding frame transcribes fragments of skin from postcards, recapitulated from works alluding to the repellent system of apartheid in South Africa.


£ 275 (approx. US$ 360, € 321) VAT, postage and handling included