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Friday, 13 July 2012 13:52 Written by  Tom Phillips

This Sporting Life

Surprisingly my design of an Olympic coin (see blog Nov 2011) elicited no tickets from St. Sebastian & Co. But sport in this season of Murray worry is not to be denied and, through the kind agency of Patrick Hughes (a frequent and wily opponent on the green table) I now have a ticket for the table tennis on Sunday 29th July. It thus seemed about time A Humument serviced both ping and pong. The latter is hard to find in the prose of W. H. Mallock yet I did discover it lurking in the middle of 'sponge' (on page 286) which may be the only word in English in which it is secreted. 

p286-humument-2011-id1939-150 tweeted 13th July @TomPhillipsArt

A Humument now features ping and pong.
How can it have ignored them for so long?

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