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C Loopseend/I

Notes on this work

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For three players plus percussion. Light to dark along the reading line equals soft to loud (or the opposite, but one way or the other, consistently). The vertical lines indicate intervals of time which can be all equal (except the first and last, which should be longer than any of the other divisions) or can have a different duration fixed for each band. The end of each time section is indicated by the same percussion sound (diamond) which should differ from the percussion sounds indicated by the circles. Where the passage of the reading time through the time divisions is ambiguous (e.g. when the reading line turns back on itself) some musical expression of this ambiguity could be sought, or, the time section could be isolated and the lower part of the reading line in that section treated as a bass-part or (if the instrument used is of the one-note-at-a-time variety) some accompanying noise (talking, whistling, foot-tapping etc.) could be devised. Whenever the reading line is crossed by another, silence, or alternative accompanying noises as indicated above, but no louder than mf.

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