Tom in Bellenden Road studio
Tom Phillips c.1984
A Humument Globe
Humument Globe, 1989
Curriculum Vitae, 1
Curriculum Vitae I, 1986
A TV Dante
A TV Dante (C4 booklet), 1985
Samuel Beckett portrait
Samuel Beckett, 1984
Dante frontispiece
Dante's Inferno frontispiece, 1983
  • 1989
  • Retrospective at National Portrait Gallery with catalogue The Portrait Works
  • New studio in Bellenden Road
  • Makes Humument Globes with Sylvia Sumira
  • Begins portrait of the Monty Pythons
  • Canto’s I-VIII of A TV DANTE broadcast by Channel 4
  • Colfe’s School mural
  • Bookcover for Iris Murdoch's The Message to the Planet
  • Completes paintings, menu design and glass screen for The Ivy restaurant
  • The Artist’s Eye, a documentary on Tom Phillips by Jake Auerbach is broadcast on BBC2
  • 1988
  • Completes a series of collage works, Meditations on the Cross, and two multiple self-portraits
  • Paints Pete Townshend of The Who for cover of Face Dances album
  • Einer an Jeder Seite commission from Imperial War Museum
  • AMM record Irma for Matchless Recordings
  • 1987
  • Completes a number of portraits in preparation for the National Portrait Gallery one man exhibition
  • Hires the Oval Cricket Ground for his 50th Birthday Party and Cricket Match, TPXI v The Rest Of The Artworld
  • Designs the cover for Iris Murdoch’s new novel The Book and the Brotherhood
  • First revised edition of A Humument published
  • 1986
  • Begins first version of series of 20 Curriculum Vitae paintings
  • 1985
  • Begins working on A TV DANTE with Peter Greenaway
  • Continues series of Works on Vellum
  • First version of C Loopseend is constructed ;
  • Heart of A Humument published and Thames & Hudson trade edition of Dante’s Inferno
  • Vice Chair of the Copyright Council (to 1989)
  • 1984
  • Starts Humbert’s Cursory Rhymes sketchbooks
  • Draws Samuel Beckett at Riverside Studios
  • Elected Royal Academician
  • Paints Brian Eno and James Fenton, begins portrait of Iris Murdoch
  • Visits Japan and starts to use freehand lettering
  • Series of works on vellum, using extra vellum from Dante binding
  • 1983
  • Dante finished
  • Wins Frances Williams Memorial Prize V&A Museum
  • Bill Hurrell’s Toronto Tarot
  • First London performance of Irma at ICA as part of Adrian Jack’s Musicica series
  • 1982
  • Completes series of small sculpture works Large Paintings Small Galleries
  • Moves into studio at Talfourd Road
  • 1980
  • Works each Saturday morning on lithographic stone to make portrait in installments of Pella Erskine Tulloch, published as Pella on Saturdays
  • Also in this year portraits of Ruth and Marvin Sackner
  • First trade edition of A Humument published by Thames and Hudson