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The Artist Encounters His Younger Self

plaster, mud and hair
15 x 30 x 20 cm

Notes on this work

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Hair Sphere

This work in (slow) progress features two casts of the skull covered in my own hair. Now at the transition stage on the way to the bus-pass years my pepper and salt hair represents all phases of my life past and (D.V.) future: the dark brown of youth can still be collected from my head whereas my beard yields almost pure white. The first of two projected works is shown in its present form; awaiting further growth. It represents the old artist meeting his younger self coming the other way, a sort of Bonjour, Monsieur Tom.

Luckily, George's in the Peckham Road, whom I have been going to since my student days, knows me well enough not to find too sinister the request for my own hair-sweepings to be bagged up.

Drawing to a Conclusion (1997),  p. 6.