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Humument App for iPhone 2011
Cicero : Orations 2011
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Perez Museum catalogue 2014
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Sport fragment (Bodleian)
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Ulysses XVII Ithaca
Ulysses XVII Ithaca 2012
  • 2010
  • Academic paper, Transforming Text: Finding the Poem Within Deborah F. Carrington & Chapman Hood Frazier pub. JAEPL, Vol. 16, Winter 2010 p14
  • Limited edition prints A Humument p6: The Man as Photograph and A Humument p.363 Twilight of the Planet (produced for The Guardian climate change auction), are exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
  • A Humument is developed as an app for the iPad with special features, enhanced resolution, find wheel, oracle and brand new pages. The Humument App is favourably reviewed in The Independent, The Guardian, Eye Magazine, Design Observer, Literary Review among others and also widely blogged. The following year a new version for the iPhone is released
  • 2011
  • Limited edition prints A Humument p.12 We Are The People and A Humument p.132: Mr Glad are exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
  • Humument fragments are incorporated into illustrations for an elegant new edition of Cicero: Orations pub. The Folio Society
  • Tom Phillips joins Twitter @TomPhillipsArt where he tweets in iambic pentameter and reveals brand new A Humument pages as they are completed
  • 2012
  • A Humument fifth edition is published with 82 new page treatments, and enthusiastically reviewed: 'Double Act' by Adam Smyth, London Review of Books, vol 34 No.19 October 11th 2010, 'A Little White Opening Out of Thought' by Chris McCabe, Poetry Review volume 102:3 Autumn 2010,'A Humument' 5th edition reviewed by Keith Miller, TLS 28th Sept 2010, 'Were there but world enough and time' interview with Andrew David King, The Kenyon Review (online) Sept 2010,'Every Day of My Life is Like a Page' James Kidd Literary Review July 2010, 'A Humument: Long Revision' David Jennings, The Spectator 19th May 2010, 'Absent Things As If They Are Present' The Believer Magazine January 2010, Jeannie Vanasco
  • Phillips gives a reading from A Humument at his local independent bookshop 'Review' in Bellenden Road
  • South London Dreaming, an overview of prints by Tom Phillips at GX Gallery in Camberwell
  • Tom Phillips's A Humument features in Austin Kleon's April 24th Ted talkSteal like an Artist TEDxKC
  • A new version of p.303 adorns the cover of Yvone Sherwood's book on blasphemy Biblical Blaspheming pub Cambridge University Press
  • Tom Phillips interviewed on Front Row, BBC Radio 4
  • A Course in Sussex II is produced twenty-five years after the first version, this time marking the golden jubilee of the University of Sussex
  • Exhibition of Tom Phillips book works at Tanya Peixoto's Bookartbookshop, London
  • Limited edition prints A Humument p73: Here was a Woman and A Humument p168: Twilight Railings are exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
  • Academic paper That/which/he/hid/reveal I: uncovering the infinite in Tom Phillips's A Humument, Kristina Jipson pub Textual Practice Volume 27, Issue 2
  • 2013
  • Life's Work a survey of over 1000 pages of A Humument opens in March at MassMoCA, North Adams, continues until January 2014
  • A Humument USB is released, a credit card sized memory stick containing a flash animation of 112 new Humument pages read by Tom Phillips
  • A Humument Conference is held at Birkbeck College 13th July
  • Limited edition prints A Humument p41: Piccadilly Girl and A Humument p71: Bourgeois Pictures are exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
  • Working closely with Rob Hadrill at Bookworks, Tom Phillips realises a Fortieth Anniversary special binding of the original Tetrad Press edition of A Humument, comprising two leather-bound boxes with original Humument fragment inserts, presented in a slipcase lined with endpapers from A Human Document by W.H. Mallock and incorporating the spines of two of the original Tetrad Press boxes
  • 2014
  • Perez Art Museum Miami, A Human Document: Selections from the Sackner Archive of Concrete & Visual Poetry
  • The Book Lovers exhibition at Fabra i Coats in Barcelona, features selected pages from A Humument and shows the evolution of these pages from the original untreated text, through the earliest versions beginning 1966 to the most recent pages completed 2014
  • Both old and new works from A Humument are exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. A silkscreen print from 1970 One Woman In The Dusk, and an oil collage painting Irma: Scenes from an Opera, completed 2013
  • A Human Document by W.H. Mallock published for Kindle
  • An exhibition of Humument prints at Searcy's Club at the top of the landmark Gherkin skyscraper, 30 St Mary Axe, London
  • Illuminated Tweets, an exhibition exploring the development of A Humument through new media at the Saison Poetry Library as part of the Southbank Centre's Web We Want Festival
  • Tom Phillips makes A Humument haiku page for Shandy Hall
  • Academic paper Deconstructing the Novel: The Critical Function of the Artist's Book by Kyle Schwartzlender, pub University of Oregon, 2nd December
  • 2015
  • Phillips completes a new version of Irma: The Score, pub. The Talfourd Press
  • Pages from A Humument at Centre for Book Arts NYC. The exhibition, curated by Maddy Rosenberg, features artists who have exhibited projects at the space and invites them to return to their past presentation and continue the dialogue
  • At Flowers Gallery NYC original works from Irma: The Score and an installation of 100 Humument pages showing both versions of the treated page alongside the Mallock originals
  • Humument pages on a sporting theme are exhibited in the entrance lobby of the landmark building 201 Bishopsgate, London as part of a themed Summer of Sport display
  • 100 Humument pages in three versions are exhibited at Gallery 360, Northeastern University, Boston.
  • Venus Febriculosa – a website concerned with contemporary literature and the art and design of books – launches DESIGN CONTEST 10. The brief is to create an original visual and/or poetic work using any media or methods using Page 4 of A Human Document as the prima materia for this work. The winners are Alan Beattie, Jeanette Walsh, and Ali Francis Garcia
  • At the 247th Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Tom Phillips is accorded the rare honour of having an entire room dedicated to A Humument.
  • 2016
  • At Shandy Hall in May  an exhibition A Humument: From Prequel to Sequel features the original artwork of the final 50 pages of A Humument which complete the second version.
  • June, at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Tom Phillips exhibits four new Humument prints: A Humument p.81: Cern, The Past Began, A Humument p.107: Ring the Prime Minister, A Humument p.109: Silence and Stars, and A Humument p.317: The Letter F
  • Unbound Narrative opens at the Cameron Art Museum in North Carolina in August. This exhibition features  A Humument in the context of nine contemporary artists who utilise the book as medium and inspiration. 
  • In October A Humument is exhibited at the Ilkley Literature Festival with associated workshops and a talk by Patrick Wildgust and Lucy Shortis.
  • On 27th October Thames & Hudson publish the sixth and final edition of A Humument on the fiftieth anniversary of the beginning of the work. The final edition is published in hardback, soft back and a signed and numbered special limited edition. To accompany this publication, an audio recording of Tom Phillips reading the complete final edition is available free on Soundcloud. 
  • On 14th November the Bodleian Library, Oxford celebrate the 50th anniversary edition with launch event and speakers Dr Gill Partington (University of Warwick) & Dr Julia Jordan (UCL); followed by dialogue between Professor Adam Smyth (English Faculty) and Tom Phillips.
  • 15th November Flowers Gallery host a launch party and book signing for A Humument in London.