Paris Review cover
Paris Review cover
Austin's Furniture Repository
Austin's Furniture Repository
First Humument page
First Humument page completed
  • 1965
  • After reading an interview with William Burroughs in Paris Review Tom Phillips starts to experiment with his own variant of 'cut up' technique, the columnedge poem
  • 1966
  • On a routine Saturday excursion with Ron Kitaj, Phillips purchases A Human Document at Austins Furniture Repository Peckham for threepence. The first Humument page (p.33) is made
  • 1967
  • A Humument is first mentioned in print, in ICA Bulletin magazine No.169 with illustration
  • 1968
  • In November No.3 of the Openings Press Card Series features Tom Phillips's Three Telegrams
  • 1969
  • Irma, the opera based on A Humument is completed (on the day man first walked on the moon) and the libretto published as a print